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It is looking like good times ahead in Phuket on all fronts. Golf, hotels and shopping all have grounds for optimism over the coming months. A lot of money has been invested over the last few months and there are big plans for a 20 Billion Baht shopping  mall which is sure to attract the tourists.

From a golf perspective, many of the courses have seen little or no investment over the last few years and the conditions generally have not been up to scratch considering the cost of green fees on the island. Many tourists say they dont mind high green fees as long as they are getting value for money, which was the case for Red Mountain and Loch Palm. Sadly the local malay grass had taken hold on many of the courses especially at Phuket Country Club, Mission Hills and Laguna Golf Club, but i am happy to report conditions are much improved at Phuket CC and Mission Hills, while Laguna will be open again in January 2015 after a complete renovation that will have taken 18 months to complete.

The big news over the last couple of months has been the new ownership of the Blue Canyon club. So often the flagship of golf in Phuket, the club has been in decline with little or no money invested on either the course or the clubhouse. Bought by a local business man, money is finally being invested in this great facility and it will be great to see it back to its former glory.