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I have been coming to play in Thailand, in fact mainly Phuket for over 10 years and when i first came here i had a two, three and four iron in my bag as playing golf in windy conditions and on links style golf courses these clubs were invaluable. Now, many years on and not just because i am older and not because i dont hit it as far, i found that these three clubs are now sitting in a back room in my house!.

Why?.. well the grass over here in Phuket is so strong to resist the extreme high temperatures that i found i couldnt hit down on the ball as much as i used to and found that the only way to get a good distance was to take the ball more cleanly off the top of the grass. So now i carry a seven wood and two hybrids that cover distances from 175 yards to around 210 yards and i find that its more consistant and i can also hit the ball a lot higher and stop the ball on the green.

Try it, i am sure it will help your game no matter what handicap you are!