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The best nightlife options in Phuket are to be found in Patong – this area is sometimes referred to as the party zone. There is plenty going on here during the day, but it is at night that the place really comes alive. The nightlife center of Patong is the Bangla Road – there are hundreds of bars to be found in the small streets (soi) that run off this main road. The party atmosphere sometimes gets a bit extreme, but it is always fun.

Nightlife in Patong

Best Bars in Patong

Choosing the best bars in Patong is not easy because there are just so many of them. Any list is going to be highly subjective but some of the bars that are currently popular (early 2013) would include:

Saxophone Pub and Restaurant

Saxophone Pub and Restaurant is the perfect choice for anyone who likes jazz, but they also cater for other genres of music as well. There is live music here every night of the week. Metro Newspaper in the UK voted this the best pub in Thailand. Saxophone pub has been opened since 1987, and music lovers are almost guaranteed a good night out when they go here. They are located on Thaweewong Rd, and they also serve food. The cocktail list at Saxophone is impressive, and they usually have special offers.

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

There are a number of Irish bars in Patong but Molly Malone’s is the most popular of the lot. They have live music here every night of the week, and there are also American style pool tables – the customer’s first game is free. The food at Molly Malone’s has a good reputation – their 99 THB early bird breakfast is a good deal, and they have a good selection of European food that they serve late into the evening. Customers also get to enjoy free wi fi. Molly Malone’s is located right beside Patong Beach.

Aussie Bar

The Aussie Bar is located on Bangla Road, and it is arguably the best sports bar in the area. They have 30 large TV screens showing the best sporting events from around the world. There are 4 bars in this venue on two floors, and the service is usually very good. They have Aussie as well as Thai food on their menu, and they also have a good selection of imported beers – including VB Beer and Castlemaine. The Aussie Bar also has three pool tables and customers get to access free wi fi. They have an iPhone and Android app, so that customers can know what sports are going to be shown at the bar over the coming days.

Bavarian Beer Garden

The Bavarian Beer Garden is located on Taweewong Road not far from Patong Beach. This is the best choice for German food and German beer. They have a happy hour in the early evening, so this can be a good time to visit.

Hard Rock Cafe

Patong has its very own Hard Rock Cafe on Ruamjai Road. This is part of the chain of Hard Rock Cafe venues that can be found in all the top locations around the globe. They have live music here every night, and they offer a comprehensive selection of drinks and food. Like other outlets in the Hard Rock Cafe group the walls are covered in rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. The bar prices are a bit more expensive than other bars in the area, but it will be worth it if people are looking for the Hard Rock Cafe experience.

De Tapas Bar

If people are looking to enjoy some Spanish music and tasty Spanish food they can go to De Tapas Bar on Nanai Road.

Nightlife in Patong

Nightclubs in Patong

The best nightclubs in Patong would include:

Pinky Bar

Pinky Bar opens to 4 in the morning and they play loud modern dance music. It is located on Soi Crocodile which is just off Bangla Road.

Banana Disco

Banana Disco is located on Beach Road, and it is the oldest discotheque in Patong. This is one of the few local clubs that enforces the no smoking law, and this means that it is probably going to be a more pleasant atmosphere for people who do not smoke. There is an inside and outside dance floor, and there is usually a good atmosphere – especially on Friday night when the place becomes packed. Many of the foreign tourists who are fans of Banana Disco have been coming here for years – it has been open since nineties – so the crowd does seem to be getting older as each year passes. There is a 200 THB (as of early 2013) price of admission, and it is fine to turn up here in casual dress – the main thing the doormen seem to be concerned about is the ability to pay.

Famous Nightclub

Famous Nightclub is currently the most popular nightclub in Patong. It is located on top of the Jungceylon Shopping Mall. One of the most unique aspects of this dance club is that they have an open air swimming pool on the top of the shopping center, and this has a glass bottom. There are comfortable places to sit around the swimming pool and watch the action – they usually have Thai models playing in the water. The dance floor is below the swimming pool, and they offer a good selection of music spun by international DJs. Visitors who want to spend the night with the hip crowd can’t really do wrong by coming here.

Seduction Club

Seduction Club is another popular nightclub that attracts people who are looking to dance late into the night. The DJs here are top notch, and there is something exciting going on almost every night of the week. This club only opened a couple of years ago, but it managed to become instantly popular. The music here is predominately RnB and house tracks. Their sound and light system is the best in town.

Beer Bars and Go Go Bars in Patong

There are hundreds of beer bars and go-go in Patong, and it would be impossible to cover them all. These small bars all look very similar, but they can be divided by location into:

§Soi Tiger is right beside Bangla Shopping Center, and the area is known for its safari theme decor. There are many bars to choose from there, and they all have sexy women outside who try to tempt passersby to come inside.

§Soi Sea Dragon has two floors and plenty of beer bars to choose from. Many of the venues here are go go bars.

§Soi Eric is unique in that all the bars here share the same music system -this is nice because it means that they are not all competing with each other to make the loudest noise. The bars here also all have the same decor, so if you do not like the look of one of them you are unlikely to like any of the rest.

§Soi Crocodile has many Kathoey bars, and it tends to attract large crowds. It is OK for people to take photos here, but they are expected to give a tip to the person whose image they are using.