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I honestly dont know the answer to that, there will be many that point to Black Mountain in Hua Hin, Amata Spring in Chonburi, Siam Country Club in Pattaya or Alpine in Bangkok. I know for sure there isnt a more spectacular golf course in Thailand and the views are unrivalled anywhere.

The 18th at Red Mountain

The 18th at Red Mountain

Winding its way through a truly dramatic 1400 rai formally a tin mine site in the heart of Phuket, Red Mountain is one of Asia’s most exciting courses that officially opened in 2008. The course has been cleverly routed to take advantage of a huge variety of landforms and elevation changes. Scars left from the tin mine era have been imaginatively incorporated into the overall scheme, creating a unique character at the same time as establishing an indelible link with an important era in the Island’s past. Designer Jon Morrow and co-designer Al Tikkanen, have created a highly strategic and challenging 6,900 yard lay out to complement the shorter and gentler Loch Palm which is next door. While the course is undoubtedly challenging, numerous risk and reward options create a fun playing environment, an exhilarating test of golf and a breathtaking scenic tour around a course that has become a golfing landmark in the region.

The designer has managed to make so many elevated tees, it really is a very visually exciting drivers golf course. The holes wind there way the rocks and its  quite common not see another golfer on the course.  Located in the heart of the island it is only 30 minutes from P

atong and 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport.  There is also accomodation that serves both Loch Palm Golf Club (also under the MBK umbrella) called  The Tinidee Lodge for those golfers who prefer to stay close to the course. MBK also own a very good golf course In Bsangkok called Riverdale which was built by the same designers as Red Mountain, which is also well worth playing.

My favourite three courses in Thailand are;

  1. Red Mountain – Phuket
  2. Chiang Mai Highlands – Chiang Mai
  3. Subhapruek – Bangkok

Let me know yours!