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3 star, 4 star, 5 star or Villas?


It’s not always easy to recommend the right accommodation for your golf holiday. There are some very good value properties in Phuket that can make your golf holiday more affordable, as well as some 6 star properties that are pure luxury. Often groups and families prefer to stick together, so villas can be a great option if you like space and flexibility. I recently visited some new villas near the Blue Canyon complex where the owner is on site, cooking breakfast, taking orders from the fresh market to cook the evening meal after golf. It really came across as a very relaxing way to enjoy your golfing break and the lovely country side Phuket has to offer away from the main tourist areas.

I personally favor recommending a 4 star property, as I’m not sure playing golf every day you get the full value of a 5 star hotel. It’s worth remembering you can often get an 80 sq meter room in 4 star hotel for less than a 32 sq meter room in a 5 star hotel!